What to expect from the electric drive Rome - Chianti via Florence

Practical tips and logistical advice from our electric road trip with the Ford Mustang Mach-E extended range

The Rome-Florence-Chianti route is beloved by international tourism but what happens when travellers take the Italian roads aboard an Ev car? In order to answer the question and to verify the advancements of electric driving infrastructure in two of the most visited regions of Italy, we drove the enticing Ford Mustang Mach-E (equipped with 98.8kWh batteries providing at least a 400km range) from the heart of the eternal city to Tuscany’s famed landscapes. Here is what happened and what to expect from an electric powered journey in the central regions of the Italian peninsula.

If travelling with a model like the rear-wheel drive Ford Mach-E Extended Range, the first leg from Roma Urbe to Florentia can be completed without refuelling stops but since it is never wise to arrive at your destination with a limited electric range, it is important to know that no chargers are located directly on the A1 highway. The only two stations with fast chargers, are in fact both outside the toll booths with the first one located in Fabro (1km outside the exit) and the second at Valdichiana Village. The latter has the advantage of offering 6 Ionity chargers with a 350kW power but since all sockets are 5 kilometres away from the homonymous motorway exit, consider at least 25 minutes extra to your trip plus charging time.   

The main benefit of arriving in Florence (or Rome) with an electric car, is free access to the historical centre but especially in the Tuscan city, you must first register the license plate on the website of Sas Spa. Equally important, is the knowledge that once within the maze of alleys of the Medicean city, it is very likely that Gps navigation will lose its bearing due to road works, markets and traffic restrictions. Even if your car is full-electric, our advice is to park it inside a garage or leave the vehicle at the hotel. Charging stations in the Tuscan capital can be found adjacent to Santa Maria Novella train station, or just outside the perimeter of the historical areas.

For those seeking ensuite recharging spots, famed hotels in Florence offering free charging service are Four Seasons Firenze (located in the magnificent Palazzo della Gherardesca) and Belmond Villa San Michele in Fiesole; a truly idyllic place for comfort, views and location. For a memorable driving experience amidst Renaissance effiges inspired by classical art – and surely a more pleasant solution compared to the always congested streets around Piazza della Signoria – we recommend the Fiesole area, the glorious Via Faentina or crossing the Arno, Piazzale Michelangelo and the complex of San Miniato. Opting for the latter destinations, the advantage is a direct approach to Chianti roads that are literally ten minutes away from the tree-lined avenues adorned with spectacular aristocratic villas of Florentine families.

Ad andature cittadine come a velocità da superstrada (90km/h), la Mustang Mach-E risulta molto efficiente – ovviamente silenziosa – ma anche assai divertente da guidare non appena le curve della statale Chiantigiana, iniziano a disegnare il decantato paesaggio di boschi e vigne. Alle spettacolari fisionomie del territorio, le provinciali dal Chianti alla val d’Orcia via Siena aggiungono innumerevoli soste per ricaricare. La buona rete di colonnine pubbliche (la Toscana vanta 2417 punti di ricarica pari all’8% del totale nazionale; dato di aprile 2022) trova ulteriore supporto nei charger privati all’interno degli hotel come indicati in questo articolo: https://www.thedriversclub.it/en/hotel-di-lusso-con-ricarica-elettrica-centro-italia/

All in all, the number of charging stations from Rome to Florence to Chianti, can support most electrified journeys. How pleasurable the road trip will be, obviously depends on which Ev is used and thanks to its extended autonomy, strong performances from 350 horsepower and a great balance between speed, handling, space and short charging times (with Ionity 100km of range can be added in around 10 minutes) the Ford Mustang Mach-E is a great electric travel companion.

Matteo Morichini

My childhood memories are of arts, literature and visits of far away lands and now, I love writing about tourism, travel&motoring experiences as well as gastronomic cultures. Following the Degree in History & Politics and the Masters in International Relations at London School of Economics, I start my journalist career in 2004. Since then, I made it a point to visit all of the seven continents, while daily enhancing my passion and curiosity towards cuisine, charming hospitality and millenial traditions from the beautiful Italian territory