The pleasure of a contemporary Grand Tour surrounded by Italy’s sublime landscapes while cruising on board of the most celebrated cars in history. The Drivers Club offers a unique portfolio of Journeys and Experiences for the discerning traveler and motoring enthusiasts alike, by opening a network of immersive routes intertwined with arts, nature, local culture and culinary delights from the Italian peninsula.

Every Grand Tour and travel experience is passionately tailored to enhance Italy’s beauties - as well as it’s wonderfully scenic driving roads - with the emotional design and acoustics of automotive masterpieces built from the 1950s to the present days.

Our itineraries range from snow-capped peaks to bucolic landscapes to dramatic coastal cliffs plunging in the Mediterranean while sharing a deep connection with the surrounding territory and its ancient traditions. Furthermore, The Drivers Club voyages and itineraries are complemented by personalized gastronomic experiences, behind the scenes visits in special venues often closed to the general public and exclusive Travel&Motoring concierge services.

The Drivers Club experiences are curated by local experts and professionals with an extensive knowledge of Italy’s artistic, gastronomic, historical and cultural heritage.


Our classical and contemporary travel routes retrace Coryat, Lassels and Goethe's “Italian Journey” footprints from Renaissance vestiges to the awe-inspiring light of the southern islands through the most aesthetically inspiring and logistically functional itineraries. 

With the refined collection of Grand Tours related amenities, fascinating motorworks and secluded routes often way ahead of the tourist curve, The Drivers Club aims at modernizing the timeless charm and cultural hedonism born during the XVIII century Grand Tours, with one-of-a-kind travel experiences. 

To make sure that every trip - no matter how short - is an unforgettable event, The Drivers Club offers its guests an exclusive selection of bespoke travel services, for a wonderfully aesthetic voyage in the Italian peninsula crown jewels and extraordinary biodiversity.  

Grand Tours, Journeys and Daily Experiences are all available in both self-drive or chauffeured option.


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Explore the gorgeous Italian peninsula through the lenses of The Drivers Club selection of Experiences and Journeys designed to uncover exquisite gastronomy, historical vestiges, local traditions and the most scenic driving roads. Each route from our Experiences and Journeys, is selected by adopting aesthetic attractiveness and logistical functionality among the main criteria.


Choose your favourite vehicle to rent for one or more days from our classic & contemporary car portfolio


Enjoy unforgettable moments of pure driving freedom in legendary Italian racetracks and discover at your own speed, the narrative behind Imotorsport temples like Autodromo del Mugello, Imola, Vallelunga and Monza.

Charming, technical and spectacular, The Drivers Club circuit selection guarantees perfect venues and conditions for a plethora of high-octane driving activities from time-attacks with supercars, to professional racing experiences behind the wheel of single seaters or GT competition models.

Lista servizi: Iscrizione ai Trackdays ֍ Portfolio di sportive e supercar ֍ Affitto dei circuiti ad uso esclusivo ֍ Racing Driver Academy ֍ Go-karting con qualifiche & Gp ֍ Motor Valley Tours ֍ Visite private del circuito ֍ Catering gourmand ֍ Helicopter transfers


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