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Quattro Passi Dreaming

Whether by skis, car or walking boots, the Sellaronda is heavenly excitement for any lover of outdoor sports or mountain driving sessions. Our favorite route starts from Ortisei in Val Gardena and hairpin after hairpin, passengers will almost feel the touch from monumental rocks shaping the Sella, Pordoi, Campolongo and Gardena mountain passes. For those traveling with engine power, the preferred months to daydream along the winding asphalt ribbons of our Dolomitic Grand Tour are March, June and September.

Fairy tales from Alpe di Siusi

The largest plateau in Europe is a eye watering natural spectacle where gentle undulations are caressed by coniferous forests and framed by the southern profiles of Sciliar, Sasso Lungo group and the Sella massiff. Sine Alpe di Siusi is a protected natural park cars cannot circulate hence, to reach the XVI century mountain huts (or baite in Italian) dotting the fabled territory, a horse-drawn sleigh is a remarkably poetic experience. Equally pleasant are the snowy slopes between Zallinger and Punta d'Oro which are themselves bordered by landscapes steeped in fairytale suggestions. Alpe di Siusi is in fact the land of King Laurino that according to local legend, owned a rose garden next to Catinaccio.

Matteo Morichini

My childhood memories are of arts, literature and visits of far away lands and now, I love writing about tourism, travel&motoring experiences as well as gastronomic cultures. Following the Degree in History & Politics and the Masters in International Relations at London School of Economics, I start my journalist career in 2004. Since then, I made it a point to visit all of the seven continents, while daily enhancing my passion and curiosity towards cuisine, charming hospitality and millenial traditions from the beautiful Italian territory