Museo Nicolis Museum, a lesson in passion, history and technique

Located in Villafranca di Verona, the museum highlights the social role of motoring in Italy, with a collection of 200 historical cars and unique vehicles.

Many will remember the movie "A Night at the Museum" where protagonists of the story come to life as night falls. Albeit in different manners, the motoring retrospective of Museo Nicolis with permanent headquarters in Villafranca di Verona, allows for an emotional day dreaming thanks to Mr Luciano Nicolis collection of 200 vintage cars, 120 bicycles, 105 motorcycles, 500 cameras, 120 musical instruments and 100 typewriters.

More than a visit

The visit to Nicolis Museum is in facto a journey towards technique, style and human ingenuity. A journey in which a large section is dedicated to means of transport as a symbol of freedom, creativity and invention. Cars are the masters of the show but one can admire, all sorts of mechanical objects from the XIXth century, and sometimes even from before. Plenty of exposition space, is not surprisingly dedicated to the over 500 cameras and other interesting themes are small aircrafts and a the rare selection of 100 Formula 1 steering wheels. All objects, juxtapose technical, historical and technological offering insight on the past, as well as on Mr Nicolis curiosity.

Beyond the museum

The Nicolis collection is the result of a painstaking research on cars, motorcycles, bikes, steering wheels and everything revolving around bygone forms of innovation. Aside from the exhibition, Museum Nicolis promotes initiatives towards accessibility, inclusion and education.

In the sign of uniqueness

For all the above reasons, Museo Nicolis is not to be missed and visitors, can enjoy the artistic added bonus, of being in close proximity to precious Verona and famed vineyards on the lake Garda countryside. With its romantic-educational nature and unmissable remnants such as "Motrice Pia" equipped with the first gasoline engine patented by the Veronese Enrico Bernardi, in 1882, the museum offers uniqueness as its main distinctive features. Amongst the numerous representations of technique and style, we recommend a close viewing of the Lancia Astura 1000 Miglia built specifically for the famour 1930’s racing driver Luigi Villoresi.

Francesco Barontini

Raised with bread and engines by my engineer dad, I soon discovered true love for the four wheels and turned passion into a profession. I’ve been a journalist since 2003 and I love to travel both in Italy or towards exotic destinations, preferbly on the road


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