The Michelin (E)Motion for Life Grand Tour

Thanks to unmissable novelties in the realms of cuisine, hospitality, lifestyle and high-performance tires, Michelin travel ecosystem delivers fantastic new experiences.

In its first 120 years, Michelin contributed to safer and more enjoyable on the road journeys by providing motorists with state-of-the-art tires, flanked by a fine selection of gastronomic stops certified by the painstaking work of its famed inspectors. Today, the Bibendum heterogeneous universe of Bibendum has further extended its reach in the realm of travel experiences through innovations and partnerships that starting from tires production, extend to specialistic shoe making via “Soles by Michelin) and to the constantly updated digital platforms, dedicated to the pleasures of grand touring. During the (E)Motion for Life event in Franciacorta (destination partner of the Italian Michelin Guide until 2024), Michelin invited in the lands of “metodo classico” italiano, to test quality and virtues from products and experiences intrinsically linked to activities and values promoted by Clermont-Ferrand. Read the next five chapters to know what we discovered and how the Michelin travel ecosystem stimulated intellectual awareness while delivering memorable and emotional experiences on route.

TheGuida Michelin App between stars and ecology

The Michelin Guide is also in digital format and can be consulted either by downloading the free App or via latter platform includes restaurants info&descritpions, evocative road itineraries and in-depth articles dedicated to the culinary addresses from the Italian selection. Also, from 2022, new restaurants can be added by inspectors in the Michelin Guide App and the “new-entries” can then receive a star or Bib-Gourmand symbol however at the award ceremony scheduled for November 8th in Franciacorta. The same goes of course for the increasingly coveted green star, noting a socially and ecologically responsible work in the kitchen and beyond . The "green star has rapidly grown in popularity as according to those who received it, the symbol provides great visibility and as a result, interest from brands, car manufacturers and multinationals.

State-of-the-art tyres

Michelin tyres for cars, motorcycles, bicycles (but also those developed for trucks, earth-moving machines and work vehicles) are considered symbols of global excellence and technological products with leading technical characteristics in the industry. Among the most recent driving compounds released by the Clermont Ferrand company, a special mention goes to Pilot Sport 5 designed for powerful and sports cars without forgetting Road 6 for motorcycles and the Power Cup designed for both amateur and pro cyclists. During the (E)Motion for Life, the utmost importance of tires was deepened by Dindo Capello and Lucio Cecchinello. Both became world champions by racing Michelin tires and both have contributed to the development of motorsports compounds. Racing is about testing and experimentation in the name of pinnacle performances and is no surpries that motorsport has been an integral part of Michelin's expertise in multiple world championships including Moto GP and Formula E, just to mention the most recent commitments.

Charming hotels with a unique identity

The pleasure of a Grand Tour would be lost without the contribution of charming hotellerie and from this perspective, the acquisition of Tablet Hotels by Michelin is consistent with the Group's operational choices in tourism and travel. Established by experts and occasionally drafted with the support of travelers, the platform brings together a surprising selection of accommodations that find in their strong identity, refinement and in the symbiotic relationship with the surrounding territory, their common denominator. The search for the most interesting Italian residences from the Alps to the islands passing through countryside, lakes and cities brimming with art, can be carried out directly on the website For both content and functionalities, the digital booking platform is perfectly integrated with the Michelin travel ecosystem.

Are 3 Michelin stars worth the trip?

In Michelin’s language, three stars are "worth the trip" and according to Enrico Cerea (chef together with his brother Bobo of the sumptuous three-starred restaurant by Vittorio) the phrase reflects reality from multiple perspectives: "ThereSince we recived the 3rd star, we met many people who decide to leave from distant shores such as Korea, India, Japan and the United States to come and eat in our restaurant. Recently – continues Cerea – the trend has even sharpened while the average ticket has risen significantly. I think this might be due to the fact that after lockdowns, people want to enjoy life and those who have high spending possibilities now choose the most expensive dishes, the finest ingredients and the rarest wines". Cerea's speech at (E)Motion for Life was prelude to a wonderful dinner that from the appetizer to the petit fours, showcased to the three Michelin stars are a global guarantee of gastronomic enlightenment.

Franciacorta road to track

The Franciacorta lands offer enchanting “strade del vino” dotted by artistic cellars and stone villages that turn after turn, can lead to Porsche Experience Center Franciacorta. In this specific case, the consolidated partnership between Michelin and the German manufacturer, presented an idyllic common thread between road driving and high-octane sweepers on track aboard the 911 GT3 equipped with Pilot Sport Cup 2. The circuit session with Zuffenhausen’s sports car, proceeded with low-grip and slalom exercises using both the 718 Cayman GTS and Taycan. The overall experiences delivered buckets of fun and learning while demonstrating the importance of tires in enhancing grip, speed safety of vehicles.

Michelin sustainability works

As the world struggles for clean oxygen, even journeys must embrace ecological awareness and for those seeking an environmentally friendly culinary experience, the green stars are an important point of reference. Albeit recent, the "green" macaron is perhaps the best known and most visible solution, among the many initiatives launched by the French Group, to minimize its footprint. The Clermont-Ferrand-based company aims to accomplish net zero carbon operation by 2050 and compared to 2010, its already on its way to halve Co2 emissions within this decade. In addition to the recovery and restoration of used compounds, Michelin has recently created racing tires built by 53 percent, with sustainable materials. By 2050, the share of recovered or recycled raw materials for all tires is expected to reach 100 percent. Considering that in 2021 the 68 Michelin plants produced 173 million tires, the savings for our planets in terms of waste and resources would be truly extraordinary.   

Matteo Morichini

My childhood memories are of arts, literature and visits of far away lands and now, I love writing about tourism, travel&motoring experiences as well as gastronomic cultures. Following the Degree in History & Politics and the Masters in International Relations at London School of Economics, I start my journalist career in 2004. Since then, I made it a point to visit all of the seven continents, while daily enhancing my passion and curiosity towards cuisine, charming hospitality and millenial traditions from the beautiful Italian territory


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