Historical Maserati; discover how the past lends a hand to the future

The Modena-based Company started an authenticity certification service reserved for cars produced up to twenty years ago. The Maserati Classiche department also manufactures components that are no longer in production

Humanity was always concerned on how to preserve its own species and despite questionable results, the cultural aspect of the past can serve as a future imprint. When it comes to Italy, traditions are of utmost relevance to daily life and as any many will know, in the Belpaese driving and eating are not just needs, but moments to be enjoy and behold. Also, modern history shows how in one particular area of the peninsula cars have become a symbol of virtues, beauty and performances.

And this is definitely the story of the Emilia Romagna born Maserati; a region where the cult of conviviality at dinner tables, is on a par with the passion for engines. In the last century, amidst the natural highs and lows that often distinguish the life of a company, the Modena car maker (whose genesis must be said was in Bologna) has nurtured sporting, aesthetics and motoring tradition becoming one of the world’s most iconic brands. Highlighting the company’s traditions with an official "guarantee", is a well thought nostalgia operation providing "added value" to timeless classics and Maserati has decided to keep her blasts from the past alive, with a comprehensive restoration service.

This now widespread practice among high-end manufacturers has huge commercial potential but can also be seen as an act to preserve and conserve the powerful sense of heritage that certain models evoke. 

The Maserati authenticity certification is one of the main activities from the Maserati Classiche department where competence and knowledge, are common denominators of all the work force involved in restorations.

Just like a scrupulous detective, Maserati Classiche dedicated enormous attention to every single detail of the operation and the process also compares documentation from the historical archive, in order to achieve a coherent and authentic make over. This step together with other specific checks, ensures the status of Maserati Certified hence adding further value to the model, while providing continuity to motoring traditions. Equally important is Maserati Classiche department capabilities in producing missing components and in this realm, present technologies manage to awaken memories from bygone eras, in perfect forms. Contemporary procedures and machines, thus allow Maserati to recreate components and parts, starting only from a drawing. This unique process can be applied to any Maserati model built more than twenty years ago and hence, the official certification involves both classic cars and the more and more fashionable category of youngtimers.

Francesco Barontini

Raised with bread and engines by my engineer dad, I soon discovered true love for the four wheels and turned passion into a profession. I’ve been a journalist since 2003 and I love to travel both in Italy or towards exotic destinations, preferbly on the road