Kimera EVO37, a mythological restomod

The Kimera EVO37 celebrates the glorious Lancia 037, and the people that made it happen

The Chimera is a latin name for a mythological animal; body of a lion, goat head, serpent tale of a goat. Monstruous figures aside, the question is how can a classic car evoke the Chimera and can it effectively juxtapose different elements to create something new. The answers are both affirmative, because following a restomod makeover, some vehicles become even more more iconic. This is certainly the case of the Kimera EVO37 shaped shape from the legendary Lancia 037: a car that has seduced enthusiasts not only for its epic Dabid and Goliath battle with the Audi Quattro, but also thanks to its technological solutions available. It was the only one that tried to counter the German all-wheel drive grip, with agility and lightness from the rear wheel drive. The longitudinal engine, centrally located, was a 4-cylinder supercharged by a volumetric compressor.

The Kimera EVO37 technology is still similar to that of the 037, albeit taking advantage of design and built from the present days. The same designers who gave life to the 1982 car, were involved in today’s the project with inputs and diagrams brimming with technical solutions adopted by the EVO37. The chassis of the 1982 Lancia 037 has been completely revised and modified through the introduction of new attachments, geometries, materials and construction procedures.

Just like in 1982, the donor car for the Lancia 037 Rally, is still the Beta Montecarlo. Styling is of now of course more modern and aligned to what an aspirational car should evoke inspiring car. Another key feature of this restomod success can be traced to the presence of key figures from Lancia’s history like Claudio Lombardi; engineer and responsible of the engine compartment. The nostalgia operation proved to be a triumph nourishing the Kimera's pedigree and performance to achieve supercar levels of excitement. Engine displacement is equal to the last Lancia 037 Group B, while the maximum power reaches 505 HP.

Cesare Cappa

I wasn't always amidst engines but in the end, I succeeded in making the topic part of my professional career. After graduating as a mechanical engineer, I started contributing for Auto Tecnica, and subsequently fed my portfolio of collaborations with Sole 24 Ore, Messaggero and Corriere della Sera. I’m responsible for car testing at monthly magazine Auto and I enjoy combining the activity of journalist and tester at the Balocco driving center.