What exactly is a Restomod?

The art of modern restoration, briefly explained

Restomod is an automotive synthesis of the words modern and restoration expressed by often unique concepts, aimed at highlighting motoring traditions without revolutionizing the historical vehicle’s soul. For those devout to art and design as well as engines, restomods can be considered a futurist retrospective where contemporary technology - especially in the realm of components and materials – is applied to charming silhouettes from the past. The phenomenon has long characterized legendary American cars such as the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro while in more recent years, enthusiasm for the genre has extended to European classics and young timers. With its exceptional motoring heritage, Italian models are of course at the forefront of restored beauty thanks to the timeless aesthetics provided by manufactures like Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari. Ultimately, ti use James May’s words, a succesful restomod is like a love letter to a car.

Cesare Cappa

I wasn't always amidst engines but in the end, I succeeded in making the topic part of my professional career. After graduating as a mechanical engineer, I started contributing for Auto Tecnica, and subsequently fed my portfolio of collaborations with Sole 24 Ore, Messaggero and Corriere della Sera. I’m responsible for car testing at monthly magazine Auto and I enjoy combining the activity of journalist and tester at the Balocco driving center.