A rosso corsa weekend on a blu Ferrari 296 GTS

The incredible driving experience of Maranello's exquisite new hybrid supercar, and the extraordinary events of the Finali Mondiali 2022 held ad Imola racetrack..

The Ferrari 296 offered as a berlinetta (GTB) or convertible (GTS), is undoubtedly one of the best supercars in history and driving amidst rolling hills and mountain passes of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, was one of the most exciting moments from the Finali Mondiali 2022. The amazing weekend organized by the Maranello manufacturer at the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Imola, brought together customers, drivers, general public and the wonderful sportscars that shaped the Cavallino legend. The 2022 edition, will go down in history for the unveiling of the 499P prototype which after a 50 years long interval, signals the return of the Prancing Horse in the highest category of the 2023 Wec championship

A dream called 499P

The return of Ferrari a the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans, is fascinating news for the entire motorsport universe where in the years to come, the muse of "rosso corsa" endeavours will be the spectacular 296 available in both berlinetta and spyder architectures. The next Ferrari’s competing in both the WEC Endurance Championship and GT3 World Championship, are equipped with a modified version of the 3.0 V6 hybrid engine that in the 296, is positioned bang in the car’s the center and is connected to the rear axel, by an eight-speed F1 dual-clutch gearbox. The power unit produces 830 horsepower and 740nm of torque.

The sublime 296 GTS

Razor sharp performance, magnificent sound, enchanting silhouette and a purely electric driving mode are just a few of the 296 many stunning features. What really leaves drivers gasping with amazement, is also the ease with which the Ferrari 296 hybrid supercar, establishes a sort of dynamic telepathy with those lucky enough to maneuver a steering wheel, rich in F1 references. From the very first twists and turns leading from Imola to the Giogo and Futa mountain passes, the two-seater masterpiece by the Emilia manufacturer is really a quintessential expression of contemporary high-performance motoring. The sinuous melody from the V6 and a cockpit well focused on distilled driving pleasure, complete an iconic model 296 that in both versions, boasts a time of 2.9 seconds in the 0-100 coupled by a top speed of 330km/h.

Blasts from the past

Glamour and haute cuisine, history and competition, fun and social occasions; the World Finals are a unique event also thanks to a very eclectic parterre of contemporary&classic sports cars owned by personalities from multiple disciplines, countries and realms. In terms of power, heritage and uniqueness of its products, Ferrari’s appeal is second to none and the Finali Mondiali paddock is a fantstic venue to admire and listen to the sounds of historic Formula 1, as well as discovering the vehicle time.line from the Prancing Horse, which have written many important chapters in the history of high-performances. The event is also a place of challenges and celebrations where people come in close contact with Maranello’s jewels while attending the Ferrari Challenge races, or the retrospective dedicated to bith F1 single-seaters and Le Mans prototypes. Equally pleasurable, is to attend the sumptuous gala dinner where crystals, brocades and an elegant mise-en-place, heighten refined dishes inspired by Italian regional cuisine.

Welcome Purosangue

The Ferrrari Purosangue has caused an uproar since the first whispers of its existence and during the 2022 World Finals, the public has finally been able to admire in real life a model, that is partially breaking the brand's schemes. This said, the Purosangue manages to harmonize sport utility physiognomies with the proverbial visual presence of Maranello’s supercars. As with every Prancing Horse vehicle, demand for the new model powered by an iconic Ferrari V12 engine capable of producing 725 horsepower, far exceeds availability and when looking at the “Thoroughbred” from different perspectives, it is very easy to understand why.  

Matteo Morichini

My childhood memories are of arts, literature and visits of far away lands and now, I love writing about tourism, travel&motoring experiences as well as gastronomic cultures. Following the Degree in History & Politics and the Masters in International Relations at London School of Economics, I start my journalist career in 2004. Since then, I made it a point to visit all of the seven continents, while daily enhancing my passion and curiosity towards cuisine, charming hospitality and millenial traditions from the beautiful Italian territory


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